Your Gold Sold
  • If you have old jewelry you want to sell, gold buyers are going to give top dollar.
  • Your Gold Sold we have the pedigree that ensures quality service and optimum prices.
  • Let our 45 years experience in the industry pay off for you.
  • At Your Gold Sold we buy scrap gold in any form.
Your Gold Sold Provides The best Gold Prices !
Your Gold Sold is located just south of Madison, Wisconsin and is an ideal place to sell gold, silver and items made of other precious metals. Gold prices are on the rise, and in these volatile economic times, Madison gold for cash services or silver for cash can often provide a surprisingly large windfall. If you have old jewelry, silverware or other items made of precious metals that you no longer want, Your Gold Sold is willing to give you top dollar. Gold for cash deals are everywhere, but at Your Gold Sold we have the pedigree and reputation that ensures quality service, advice and optimum prices.

Your Gold Sold is operated by The Howard Academy of the Metals Arts located at 168 West Main Street in Stoughton. Goldsmiths and jewelers from around the globe have trained here. We take our industry seriously and have a great sense of pride when it comes to the ethics of our trade. Gold for cash operations can be unscrupulous. At Your Gold Sold we not only respect the traditions of our trade, but 50% of all profits support the Howard Academy.

At Your Gold Sold we buy solid scrap metals in any form. From broken and bent jewelry to table flatware. As goldsmiths we know that if the gold cannot be restored it can at least be recycled. Gold prices being what they are today, even recycled gold will often provide people with a surpring amount of cash, whatever its current shape or condition.
Your Gold Sold - Stoughton, WI
We Pay Immediately
Your Gold Sold will assess your gold, silver or platinum on the spot, make you an offer, and pay you immediately.
Your Gold Sold - Stoughton, WI
We Buy Scrap
Scrap includes products that are made of any solid precious metals.
Your Gold Sold - Stoughton, WI
HAMA Foundation Inc.
50% of all profits go to help support the Howard Academy for the Metal Arts
Your Gold Sold - Stoughton, WI
We Care About Our Customers
We are committed to giving our customers the best and fairest advice on any items they bring in.
Your Gold Sold - Stoughton, WI
You Can Mail Your Gold
If we are not convenient to your location, you can mail your metals to us, and WE pay the postage and insurance!
See to register for more information on mailing options
Your Gold Sold - Stoughton, WI
All Mail Packages Are Insured
All metals mailed in are insured for a minimum of $1,000. Additional insurance can be arranged if necessary.

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